Haohua tire is building new plant overseas

A few days ago, the Shouguang Municipal Party Committee Office of Shandong Province issued a document saying that since this year, Shouguang City has added four foreign companies, including Shandong Haohua Tire Co., Ltd., which invested US $ 200 million to establish Tire Manufacturing Co., Ltd. In Sri Lanka.

Previously, some tire companies have set up factories in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and other countries. Starting in 2019, companies have begun to focus on South Asian countries such as Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

With the development and implementation of “the Belt and Road” global development strategy adopted by Chinese government, Shouguang City government, where Haohua Tire is located, pays attention to strategy guidance and accelerates the promotion of local enterprises to “go global”.

They encouraged enterprises to seize opportunities and actively connect with countries along the “Belt and Road”, and set up overseas production lines, distribution centers, and overseas warehouses.

According to Chinese tire media reports, relevant personnel of Haohua Tire said that some preliminary preparations are in progress. However, affected by the new crown epidemic, they have not yet held in-depth discussions with the Sri Lankan side on the specific details of the factory establishment.

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