New Concept Tires of 2019

In the eariler of this year, Jordan and Jordan Insurance Group had posted a news regarding to Michelin and General Motors new airless tire. Moreover, both companies annouced that the new tires are expected to be ready for mass production in 2024.

When it comes to today’s auto market, the topic is always inseparable from intelligence, fashion and new energy. In order to better and adapt to the new trend of the automotive industry, the major tire factories are also racking their brains to design and launch innovative products to win the favor of major auto manufacturers. Let us take a look today, as of 2019, there are new tires on the market that are eye-catching.

Goodyear exhibits amphibious concept tires

In March, Goodyear announced a new product, the AERO concept tire, at the Geneva International Motor Show. According to reports, AERO is a two-in-one tire that is capable of both ground-based missions and air missions.

This tilt-rotor tire can function as a transmission to transmit and absorb the force and reaction of the road surface to the tire; At the same time, the use of the airless tire structure provides support and carries the weight of the car; The use of magnetic force provides frictionless propulsion, which provides high speed and provides the driving force for the vehicle to drive on the ground.

Unique and novel "sneaker tires"

Recently, the car brand Lexus launched a tire inspired by Nike shoes to celebrate the launch of its UX crossover SUV.

It is reported that the tire is based on the “John Elliott x Nike Air Force 1” shoes, using the most classic pure white tone. The non-slip texture of the tire incorporates Nike logo, “AIR” text, and other shoe design elements.

According to Tire World Network, Lexus co-branded Nike’s custom tires are a concept tire. It is expensive and not durable, and the tread pattern does not provide optimum traction, noise control, fuel efficiency, and the like. However, due to the integration of unique innovative ideas, this novel product has still been respected and loved by some collectors.

Therefore, the collection value of this tire is far greater than the use value.

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