Commercial Crime

Commercial Crime


Protect your business from loss due to the unlawful taking of property or items of value like money

What is commercial crime insurance?


Every business has an exposure related to theft. It includes the outside intruders or those people who have been entrusted with financial assets of the firm. In recent years, nine out of ten cases of internal fraud have involved senior staff. Therefore, relying solely on its own internal control system cannot make the enterprise free from the risk of internal fraud.

To protect your hard work and avoid any potential risk of money or other valuables loss, Jordan and Jordan provide comprehensive risk control against those with a new insurance concept for all types of enterprises. At the same time, it also provides additional protection and more insurance options, so that your enterprise can enjoy the high-quality products and fair, fast and friendly claim service.

What dost commercial crime insurance cover?

Crime Insurance is a comprehensive policy that fills in the crime coverages gaps that other policies do not cover and extends to protect you from employee dishonesty.

Jordan and Jordan can help manage your EPLI challenges with solutions such as:

  • Hiring and employment procedure evaluation
  • Internal controls assessment
  • Police and procedure evaluation
  • Choose the proper risk-transfer and insurance program

Jordan and Jordan can help manage your
challenges with solutions such as:

Trade credit insurance policies can be highly customized to provide the right coverage for a company based on its operating model, industry, and geographic footprint. For example, a policy can be structured to provide coverage for:

  • All a company’s receivables (whole turnover).
  • A select list of accounts for which a company perceives the greatest risk (key account structure) — for example, its largest customers.
  • Receivables from one customer (single debtor).

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