Employment Practices Liability

Employment Practices Liability


Protect business owners against claims from employees when their legal rights have been violated

What is employment practices liability (EPLI)?


Employment practice liability that covers the employer’s fault, including discrimination claims brought by the employee (e.g. on the basis of race, age, sex, national origin and visa status), sexual harassment, non-payment of overtime, wrongful termination and other similar issues that are not covered by general liability insurance.

EPLI lawsuits are increasingly common these days, and payouts of tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars are a burden on companies beyond their regular operating costs (the average settlement in an employer-employee case is $125,000). Therefore, employment liability insurance has become a popular commodity in American commercial insurance.

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Whether your company wins or loses a lawsuit, EPLI is responsible for any legal costs incurred

Jordan and Jordan can help manage your EPLI challenges with solutions such as:

  • Employee Handbook evaluation
  • Due diligence assessment
  • Determine the factor driving your insurance costs
  • Choose the proper risk-transfer and insurance program

Jordan and Jordan can help manage your
challenges with solutions such as:

Trade credit insurance policies can be highly customized to provide the right coverage for a company based on its operating model, industry, and geographic footprint. For example, a policy can be structured to provide coverage for:

  • All a company’s receivables (whole turnover).
  • A select list of accounts for which a company perceives the greatest risk (key account structure) — for example, its largest customers.
  • Receivables from one customer (single debtor).

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