Manufacturing is the foundation of most economies. It takes a skilled risk management specialist to understand your operation and produce a program that protects your balance sheet.

There are many challenges that a manufacturer must consider to be profitable. Incorporating the latest Technology to stay relevant and manage processes efficiently is essential to reducing costs, increasing safety and innovating products. Cyber risks have increased with these advances in technology.   In addition, having a benefits program will help manufacturers attracts and retain the quality workforce.

Jordan and Jordan risk management team specialist offers industry leading risk management and progressive insurance solutions that result in positive financial impact for a wide range of manufacturing operations including plastics, rubber, metals, textiles, chemicals, electronics, energy products, food processing and heavy industrial equipment.  Together, a comprehensive strategy for managing risks to your property, employees, equipment and processes is created.

Equally important, we develop solutions based on proven methodologies. We use robust benchmarking with the most current information on industry rates, prices, coverages, retentions, limits of liability and other factors. In the same way, we leverage powerful modeling tools to estimate losses that could be sustained by plants, warehouses or operating facilities because of catastrophic events.

The results: clearly understanding of your risk management program, lower operational costs, and decreased volatility.

The top challenges manufacturers includes health and safety regulation compliance, the shortage of skilled workers, increased security and privacy issues caused by advanced technologies. Therefore, industrial manufacturers will receive a top-to-bottom strategy that includes comprehensive catastrophic risk management and total cost-of-risk management.  Jordan and Jordan can bring specific expertise to wide range of industrial manufacturers in major segments, and help you carefully tailor the risk management plan to meet your unique needs.

We help you develop a risk management plan with consideration of specialized and emerging risks in manufacturing, such as:

Impact of manufacturing technology (3D printing and additive manufacturing)
Assumed Risks in supply contracts, including government contracts
Product liability and recall, including automotive and medical products
Cyber-attacks on industrial control systems
International business
Global supply chain interruption
Legislative and environmental changes
Safety and workers’ compensation
Intellectual property breaches
Financing risk through alternative solutions, including captive insurance structures
Acquisitions and divestitures

The automotive industry continues to face a range of business-critical risks. These risks may include currency fluctuation, supply chain disruptions, political risk like tariffs, business interruptions, product liability, and other additional unforeseen events. As a result, organizations like yours need a top-to-bottom risk management strategy that strikes the right balance between risk retention and risk transfer. A properly designed and implemented plan will help your organization reduce costs while managing volatility.

Our dedicated risk professionals has been providing risk management and insurance solutions for automotive industry more than 20+ years, we can offer manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, and distributes:

Product liability and recall insurance services , including automotive and medical products
Cyber risks analyst on industrial control systems
Legislative and environmental risk analyst
Legal and regulation compliance

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