Smash My Trash Program

You’ve seen the potential;  You’ve made the investment;  Now let’s protect it!

Smash My Trash Franchise Program

As a Smash My Trash strategic partner, Jordan & Jordan Insurance has tailored insurance coverages to properly protect the unique risks associated with owning & operating a Smash My Trash (SMT) Franchise.

From the initial application to the claims process, our dedicated SMT team is here to help.

Save money! Save Time! This is the insurance program just designed for Smash My Trash franchisors and franchises!

Step 1: Initial Smash My Trash Tailored Application

  • Download the 2-page PDF application
  • Print & Complete the application
  • Email your completed application to or fax to 123-456-7899

Step 2: Coverage Consultation & Clarification

  • Despite franchise similarities, territories & individuals have differing risks & coverage needs
  • A scheduled phone call or video conference

Step 3: Formal Quote & Presentation

  • You’ll receive a proposal by email
  • Phone & Video conferencing available for question & answer session

Step 4: Binding Coverage

  • Congratulations! Your policy is enforced.

Coverages available to you:

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