Some overseas factories of Chinese tires companies have been temporarily suspended!

At present, the coronavirus COVID-19 continues to spread rapidly worldwide.

Whether the overseas factories of Chinese tire companies are affected has become one of the focuses of the entire tire industry.

According to trusted Chinese consulting company, the epidemic has little impact on the construction and operation of Chinese Tire Companies’ overseas factories. Only a few factories have suspended production.

The overseas bases of Chinese tire companies are mostly located in Thailand and Vietnam in Southeast Asia. Up to now, the epidemic control in the two countries has been relatively good, and normal operations of enterprises have remained basically unaffected.

On March 23, GM ’s “First Cabinet” tires in Thailand plant sailed smoothly from Bangkok’s port to the United States. According to the person in charge of the company, since the official opening, their international order demand has continued to be strong. Its overseas factories have not been affected by the epidemic.

Linglong tires, Sailun tires, Sentury tires, and Double-Coin tires also said that while doing the disinfection and prevention and control work, production at overseas factories is in a normal state, and there is no plan to stop production for the time being.

In addition, with the escalation of the outbreak prevention and control measures in Malaysia, a local Chinese-owned tire company has suspended operations in order to protect workers.

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