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Rubber manufacturing generally comprises the following operations: raw materials handling, weighing and mixing; milling; extruding and calendaring; component assembly and building; ‘curing’ or vulcanizing; inspection and finishing; storage and dispatch.

Workers in the tire-manufacturing industry are exposed to tire explosion, fire, smoke, dust, and fumes hazards at a different level. Let’s use a retread technician as an example; below is their standard workflow:

  • Step 1: They usually start the job by inspecting of tires and grading tire casings.
  • Step 2: they will be buffing the tire and preparing the rubber for retreading.
  • Step 3: they may retread used tires manually or using specialized equipment.
  • Step 4: after retreading, they will inspect the interior of the casing, perform repairs or replacements.
  • Step 5: at last, they will conduct pressure tests and other safety check.

It’s critical for tire businesses’ management team to providing employees with a safe and healthful workplace; at the same time, they want to minimize their financial risks related to their product liability and workers compensation claims.

Planning with dependable professional resources:

  1. Apply OSHA standards to workplace, and more importantly conduct continue learning and training about OSHA. It will help business owners to create a safe and nonhazardous working environment. Besides, it can help increase employee productivity, employee retention rate increases overall business profitability, and protects you from lawsuits or legal ramifications.
  2. Insurance programs and captive

What is insurance programs and captive?

  • Insurance programs: there is a wide variety of business insurance coverages available to business owners, but just a few insurance programs that can tailor their coverages in your industries’ specific needs. Whoever has insurance programs for your industry, it means: They ensure a lot of businesses same as yours; there is no useless coverages, all coverages are tailor for your industry; they have competitive price
  • Captive: business owners can create your own insurance company to cover the risks of your businesses. You can reduce your out-of-pocket expenses, manage more of your risks, and enjoy higher profit.

How we can help?

Jordan and Jordan’s exclusive insurance programs and captive programs for tire industry including tire retreading businesses, have helped domestic and international tire businesses enhance profitability while reduce insurance cost  Our in-house financial professionals devote to help tire manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors to understand the return of investment via numbers and report.

At the same time, we have actively work with tire retreading associations by collecting data and conduct research on workers safety procedure development. By complying with OSHA and your own business requirement, our tailed safety program will help you avoid the fines while provide more flexibility.

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