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Over thousands of injuries are caused by defective or dangerous products every year in the United States. Product liability laws are the major standards to measure who is responsible for those flawed products. Unlike other types of civil cases, the burden of proof often falls on the manufacturer or distributor to prove their product did not cause the injury or property damage of which it is accused. In fact, many definitions of product liability law require that any products that cannot meet the ordinary expectations of the consumer may be treated as a defective or even dangerous.

In the U.S., product liability laws may differ greatly from state to state. Thus, it’s very difficult for the business owner to navigate all the product liability laws in every jurisdiction. A good risk management expert partnership will help businesses more effectively maintain tolerable risk levels for their business.

Customized Insurance Program Fro SEMA Member!

Competitive Price:

Our product liability insurance program may help you save up to 30% in 48 hours. Moreover, you may save more if you bind other business insurance with us such workers compensation and property.

Quality Assurance:

Our insurance programs are underwritten by the world largest insurance companies– Custodian Auto at Lloyd’s of London. One of the best professional team will to help you handle claims.

Visualize Your Risks:

Our analytical power gives us an advantage when marketing your risks; it allows you to see how our proposals are built around your needs to provide the valued coverage at a competitive premium.

Product liability claims are complicated to navigate. A strong risk-management partner, with product liability expertise, can make it an easier process for the insured.

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