Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance


Are you Vulnerable? Business involves risk and rewards.  Proper risk management improves your profitability with a clear line to your strategic goals.

Jordan and Jordan use a new way to develop a customized liability insurance program for each client. It all starts with getting to know your business, safety culture, contractual responsibilities and risk tolerance.  As the products within your industry have become more specialized and differentiated; the need to have a commercial liability insurance specialist who understands your business is essential to get the best results.  Jordan and Jordan have global resources to develop the right general liability or product liability solutions for our clients.

A Jordan and Jordan CRE specialist can develop a comprehensive insurance plan

Working with clients in a diverse range of industries and locations, we can provide highly customized solutions that provide responsive and creative risk management programs for almost any type of organizational situation or circumstance. Whether the exposure is generated from unique or unusual exposures, significant employee concentrations, product liability or an unstable loss history, our goal is to understand your needs and formulate customized solutions that help protect your organization’s bottom line

Jordan and Jordan can help manage your
challenges with solutions such as:

  • Identify potential loss exposures, recognize and implement methods to reduce the likelihood of loss and its severity.
  • Benchmark your insurance programs against key elements (limits, deductibles, retentions, rates and premiums)
  • Align your Risk-Transfer-Options with the most appropriate insurance carrier and service organizations.
  • Analyze and evaluate your data to determine programs that optimize your total cost of risk associated with:
Automobile liability
Products liability
Product recall
Umbrella and Excess liability
Other potential liability problems
International Risks & Exposures
Cyber Risk --network security and privacy risk.
Management & Professional Services
Professional Liability
Workers’ compensation
Environmental liability
Environmental Risks
Cyber Risks
Captives & Alternative Structures
Directors & Officers Insurane

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