Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation


We use leading-edge technology to provide our clients with the latest data analysis, as well as legislative, communication and human resources administration tools. By partnering with our firm, we go beyond standard solutions and deliver the maximum value for your dollar.

The workers compensation insurance market is changing and becoming more complex.  Litigation and regulatory changes have added to workers compensations cost but so have factors like the aging workforce, healthcare and prescriptions costs.  By considering each client’s profile to understand your unique characteristics and priorities then apply our analytics and market experience to provide positive solution.

The cost of an injured worker can exceed what you pay for his medical bills. Productivity suffers, other employees may be affected, your insurance premiums may go up, or worse you could face bankruptcy as a result.  Depending on your industry, your safety record and the size of your workforce, Workers Compensation may be your single largest insurance cost, next to health benefits.

To start your review, a proper and thorough evaluation of your existing situation is conducted. Then, a broad exploration of all your options.  Jordan and Jordan’s team of professionals provides the expertise you need to understand all the options available to them. Workers compensation programs can range from first-dollar coverage and dividend programs to self-insured programs with specific and aggregate excess coverages.

A Jordan and Jordan CRE specialist can develop a comprehensive insurance plan

For the benefit of your business and employees, a well-structured workers compensation program starts by evaluating.

Jordan and Jordan can help manage your
challenges with solutions such as:

  • Benchmarking analysis
  • Compare past claims with industry peers.
  • Determine the factor driving your insurance costs
  • Choose the proper risk-transfer and insurance program to enhance the business profitability.

We offer comprehensive risk financing alternatives, such as:

  • Workers compensation pools
  • Association programs
  • Self-insurance or captive solutions
  • Texas non-subscription and Oklahoma Opt-Out insurance
  • Income supplements and payments (during the time the claimant cannot work)
  • OSHA inspection planning
  • Training programs

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