Retail & Wholesale

Retail & Wholesale


Warehouse management, supply chain interruption are the most critical issues for wholesale businesses. Our team provides solutions to develop coverage using industry analytics to benchmark your business insurance and put you in control.

U.S. wholesalers and distributors often import products from overseas manufacturers. Retailers and wholesalers with multiple locations face a wide range of third-party risks associated with their services. When a third party is injured or suffers property damage, liability extends to everyone in the distribution channel from the manufacturer to the retailer.

Foreign entities often lack enough product liability insurance coverage, limits or excludes operations in the United States or Canada and often have no assets in United States, making them less desirable targets to plaintiff attorneys. When the U.S. distributor/ wholesale operation is the last stop in the reverse chain of distribution, they essentially become the manufacturer in product liability lawsuits. Even groundless suits are extremely costly to defend. Obtaining product liability insurance helps to transfer the risks and defense costs to the insurer.  A vendors additional insured endorsement may not help if the foreign issued policy does not cover United States or Canada operations.  This is critical to minimize the financial impact of huge verdicts or settlements.

The results: clearly understanding of your risk management
program, lower operational costs, and decreased volatility.

For our wholesalers and distributors, we offer:

General Liability including products and premises liability
Commercial Property Insurance for your building and inventory
Business Interruption for lost income and extra expenses.
Workers Compensation Insurance to protect you from liability from an employee injury
Commercial Auto Insurance for the fleet vehicles that drive your business
Cyber liability to help your business recover from a data breach
Product Recall insurance to help with recall expenses
Contractual risk transfer --review insurance provisions of contracts, leases and loan documents. Contracts that require you to assume risk or indemnify another party can cause problems if not incorporated into the risk transfer insurance program. Insurance requirements that are clear and unambiguous minimize litigation.

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